Choose a Service in Woking That Keeps Your Air Conditioning Working

Air Conditioning Unit

Over time, your car’s air conditioning will suffer a loss of gas, and if it is not regularly serviced, bacteria starts to form inside the system. At our garage, in Woking, Surrey, we offer clients car air conditioning servicing, repairs, and recharging. The air conditioning recharge from C.A.R.S. is charged at £49 including VAT, and the effective anti-bacterial treatment is also charged at £49 including VAT. For less than £50, you can refresh your air conditioning and experience the following benefits:

  • A Supply of Cool Air in the Summer
  • Warm Air for Cold Winter Mornings and to Defrost Your Windows
  • Dehumidified Air to Demist Steamed-up Windows
  • The Filtering of Pollutants and Airborne Particles, Such as Pollen, Helping Allergen and Hay Fever Sufferers
  • The Removal of Foul Smells from Your Car
The air conditioning button in a car.

Recognising A Fault

Identifying an issue with your car’s air conditioning can be as simple as noticing an unpleasant smell. The origin of the smell often comes from fungus, bacteria, or another microbe that is growing inside of the air conditioning unit. This happens because air conditioning units contain a substantial amount of moisture. Book a treatment or service from C.A.R.S. and the unpleasant smell should dissipate, leaving you with a pleasant supply of cool air.

Contact us now, in Woking, Surrey, to learn more about the benefits of our car air conditioning servicing and repairs.